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   May 28

Decorating Your Wedding Beautifully With Gelballs


There are all kinds of different ways to add interest to your wedding decorations. It is possible to make some astoundingly beautiful arrangements, by using an assortment of different flowers. Of course, these tend to be traditional and a little expensive. Some couples strive for something a little stranger, modern and mind blowing. If this is something that you’re seeking, you might want to consider incorporating the use of gelballs into your weddings décor. These items are becoming increasingly popular for wedding decorations and there are plenty of reasons why!

What Are They?

Let’s face it, gelballs are a child’s toy, but this doesn’t mean that they have to be used by children! Adults can have fun too, right? These items are actually available in a wide assortment of different colors and can be used for numerous displays. These beads are often referred to as many different things, including water beads, water pearls and of course, gel balls. Despite the complexity and mystery of their true functionality, they’re actually very simple. These are nothing more than little balls, which are filled with tiny microscopic holes. If you were to purchase a bag of these, you could either select an assortment of different colors or a singular color.

How to Use

Again, you should remember that these toys are designed to be used by children, which makes them very simple. However, there is a specific set of instructions that need to be used and followed. First and foremost, you will receive these beads in a small plastic bag and shouldn’t be opened them right away. Instead, you will want to grab a significantly large bowl and fill it with a good amount of water. Once you’ve done this, you can finally tear open the bag and dump the gelballs inside. Although each specific brand might be a little different, it is generally best to allow the balls to soak for at least twenty-four hours, before the balls will reach their maximum size.


There are some specific specifications that need to be mentioned. For starters, these decorations can be extremely safe, since they are completely non-toxic. At the same time, they’re also entirely biodegradable, which makes them friendly to the environment. Finally, these balls can easily and safely be used near candles, which is what many couples decide to do! The balls are totally non-flammable and will not catch fire. They’re available in all of the colors of the rainbow, which gives you plenty to play around with.

Multiple Colors

When utilizing gelballs instead of water to fill your vases, you should consider using an array of colors. This will definitely add pizzazz to your centerpieces. You can easily layer the colors, so they have the appearance of a rainbow or just toss a handful of different colored crystals in a bowl and top it off with your wedding flower.

The multitier stack of water crystals will look extraordinary in a martini or cocktail glass. You can actually sit these around the bar or buffet table to draw attention to the area. There are so many things that you can do with the gelball, but you will definitely have to use your imagination, in the process of creating the most unique centerpiece ever.

Innumerable Reasons to Use Gelballs

These decorations are quickly growing popularity, because they can be used in innumerable ways. Truthfully, their uses are endless and it is possible to develop creative and unique ways to use these balls on your own, by using your imagination. Regardless of the type of wedding theme that you decide to use, you’ll be able to make wonderful decorations using these balls. Although it is best to use them in a clear vase or bowl, this isn’t necessary and anything will work, as long as it is filled with sufficient water.

Many couples will be interested in designing a cool and modern centerpiece, with these balls, which is certainly possible. However, this isn’t the only way to use water beads. They can be used to decorate a wide variety of containers, including aquariums, vases, bowls and even glasses. Therefore, they can be used to decorate various portions of your wedding venue, including other tables and even the entrance and walkway. In fact, these items are even capable of being used with flowers! Since the balls are water friendly, they can sit in water throughout the day. The steams of the flowers can easily find a way to access the water, which makes the combination compatible.

Numerous Benefits

When it comes down to it, there are truthfully many different reasons to consider adding these items to your wedding’s venue. You are obviously going to want your wedding’s décor to be stylish and awe-inspiring. Gelballs are capable of making this happen! Below, you will be able to discover the numerous benefits of water beads.

• Totally Affordable – Despite your budget, you want your wedding to be awesome and memorable! These balls can help tremendously, despite being very inexpensive. A simple pack can be purchase for under a dollar in some cases. Be sure to purchase extra just in case.
• Numerous Applications – Although these beads have been used for some very specific purposes, it is possible to use them in various ways. If you can imagine it, you can make it happen with gel balls!
• Safe – Some decorations tend to be a little unsafe. Candles can result in a fire, if you’re not careful. With gelballs, you really don’t have as much to worry about. As long as someone isn’t shoving them in their mouth, you shouldn’t have a problem, since they’re non-toxic and non-flammable.
• Very Beautiful – When used in the right manner, it is possible to create an array of beautiful decorations, with water balls. Their transparent appearance allows the balls to glow and create a nice display for all weddings.
• Easy to Use – There is no doubt that gel balls are entirely easy to use. As long as you’ve got a little bit of water, you can make them expand to the maximum size with very little effort. Coming up with unique decoration ideas might be a little more difficult. Either way, they’re easy to use and actually fun!

Truthfully, it is hard to go wrong with these décor items. As long as you follow the recommendations, the balls will expand and create amazing centerpieces and other decorations for your wedding.

Some Basic Tips

When attempting to decorate your wedding with gelballs, it is vital to follow some very specific guidelines. By using these recommendations, you will be able to ensure that these items are used in a way that will enhance your venue’s appearance in a safe manner. Below, you will be able to find some basic tips for using these decorations.

• Read the instructions – First and foremost, you will want to make sure that your read the instructions, which are typically found on the back of the packaging.
• Dispose of Properly – Make sure that you do not flush your beads down the toilet or sink! This is a terrible idea and will lead to significant problems, with your plumbing. Instead, throw them out in the trash!
• Do not eat – Although the balls are non-toxic, it is absolutely crucial that you do not attempt to eat them! If you have small children around, you might need to watch them carefully. The balls do resemble candies, so you will need to proceed with extra caution.
• Use Enough Water – If you’re going to allow the balls to grow on the day of the wedding, you’ll need to make sure that you use a sufficient amount of water! In order to do this, you can follow the instructions, or experiment with a bag, before the wedding arrives.
• Consider Color Schemes – It is almost certain that you’re going to be decorating your wedding venue with a specific color scheme in mind. This means that you’ll want your beads to follow this pattern. Choose specific colors and purchase a pack of a singular color, which is generally available for most retailers.

By following these basic guidelines, you can make sure that your decoration will be a smashing success!

Where to Buy

In order to use these items, as part of your wedding’s décor, you’re going to need to purchase them obviously. With this in mind, you’ll need to know exactly where these decorations can be obtained. Thankfully, they’re available in a wide array of different retail stores, which makes it easy for you to get them, when you need them. Suffice to say, each option is more than suitable, but you’ll want to choose the one that suits your needs the best. Either way, these balls are more than affordable, so you shouldn’t be afraid to purchase extra. Heck, you can always taken them home and allow your kids to play with them!

First and foremost, it is typically possible to visit your local retail chain store. These massive retailers generally sell anything and everything. If you check their crafts aisle, or the toy section, you should be able to find packages of water gel balls. At the same time, you should consider visiting your local arts and craft store. These stores have a wide array of items, which can be used to decorate your wedding and they’ll most certainly have these items!

If you live in a rural area and are unable to find a retailer, with gelballs, you will want to consider shopping online. Suffice to say, you will be able to find a much wider selection and sometimes more affordable prices online. However, you will need to account for shipping cost and time! Make sure that you order early, since the shipping time can vary and you will want to receive the items well in advance.

GelBall Care

In order to extend the life of the gelball, you will have to take very good care of them. There are several things that you should avoid doing, when utilizing the water bead, as a form of packing for your live plants. Avoid leaving them exposed to excessive sunlight, since this will cause them to dry out over a short period of time. Your main task will be to protect the beads from any type of element that can cause them to become damaged.

A gelball will last up to 2 years, without soil, but if you mix them with soil, they can last up to 7 years, which is quite extensive, but the soil can interfere with the overall appearance of the gelballs. The main purpose of the gelball is to give the floral arrangement a unique and elegant appearance that could not be achieved with dirt or soil.

Just make sure that you water the plant, as needed, so that the water crystals stay hydrated and do not dry out. If they begin to look dehydrated, just add a bit of water and in a few hours they will be revived.

Stabilizing Flowers

While most couples fill their centerpiece vases with water, you do not have to stick with this tradition. The water crystal will add an enchanting ambience to any ordinary vase, even without a floral arrangement to top it off. When utilizing gelballs, you will find that they can help stabilize the flower or greenery, so that it cannot freely move around. This will actually save you some money, since you will not need to purchase floral foam.

Just pour the water crystals into a fishbowl, place rose buds all around the circular sides and then top it off with a center rose blossom. The roses will not be able to move from their placed position, which is perfect for reception tables, since they will get pushed and shifted throughout the reception.

Consider Accompanying With LED Lights

When it comes down to it, gelballs are most certainly cool and stylish on their own, but it is possible to elevate the arrangement dramatically, by using LED lights. Truthfully, it is possible to create numerous arrangements, by using this combination. Some are easier to pull off and others are little more difficult. Either way, it is vital to consider each, which will be mentioned below.

• Free Flowing – If you purchase a handful of water balls and LED lights, it is possible to allow them to freely flow throughout the table. Instead of sticking them in a vase or bowl, you can allow them to grow to the maximum size overnight, before laying them on the table. Next, you’ll want to strategically position some LED lights around and between them. In the center of this decoration, you can put some flowers to pull off a modern centerpiece.
• Tall Eiffel Tower Vases – There is no doubt that an Eiffel Tower vase presents a cool and unique look. By accompanying this vase with a handful of gelballs and LED lights, it is possible to create a stunning centerpiece. The process shouldn’t be too difficult, but you’ll need to make sure that you choose the right LED lights, which will fit perfectly into the vase.
• Create a Light Table – Finally, it is possible to create a beautiful light table, which will produce an otherworldly appearance that will be sure to stun and impress your attendees. This doesn’t have to be anything expensive or complex. Instead, you can purchase a plastic container and fill it with an assortment of colorful LED lights. On the top of this container and around it, you will want to place these balls. The light will shine through and create a glowing effect on the gelballs.

Suffice to say, there are numerous ways to design a beautiful centerpiece or decoration, by using these balls and LED lights! Be sure to experiment quite a bit, until you find the decoration that works right for your wedding.

Replicate the Appearance of Ice

Throughout the years, many couples have resulted in using colored ice, as a way to decorate. Although this is a wonderful option, ice isn’t going to remain ice forever. When the venue or environment begins to heat up, the ice will melt and transform into water, which might create a mess. With this in mind, it is possible to replicate the appearance of ice, by using water balls. There are plenty of cool decorations that can be designed, by using this formula.

If you wish to create a cool, modern centerpiece, you will want to consider using gelballs and champagne bottles. It is possible to grab a bowl and fill it with a suitable amount of water and beads. Then, you can carefully place two champagne bottles inside. By decorating the surroundings with similar colors, it will be possible to create a nice centerpiece, which will actually be consumed, before the night is through.

On the other hand, it is possible to create a platter centerpiece, by using water gelballs and an assortment of different fruits. You’ll need a nice platter and it is generally best to use one that is clear. Then, you can add a little bit of water and plenty of water beads! Afterwards, you can decorate the display with an assortment of fake fruits. It is best to use artificial fruits, since you won’t want them to be consumed, during the wedding.

Oversized Water Gel

You can definitely create some fantastic wedding centerpieces with the oversized water bead. While most couples choose to poor a large amount of crystals in a cylinder vase and top it off with a flower, you can do a little experimenting beforehand. By creating a three-dimensional effect, in a jar or vase, you can develop a centerpiece that will be very aesthetically appealing, while adding alluring ambience to the atmosphere.

Go out of the norm and experiment with different types of décor. For example, you can utilize aquarium gravel, reptile sand, and the ex-large gel bead to create a multi-faceted arrangement.

• Pour an adequate amount of sand in the bottom of the fishbowl (pour it at an angle)
• Add a layer of aquarium gravel
• Fill the remainder of the fishbowl with the gel beads

Add a strand of sparkly silver, metallic hair tinsel to top it off. Set some tea light candles around the centerpiece, so that the glowing flame will reflect off of the water beads and tinsel.

Using an Oversized Aquarium

There are many couples that are interested in building an enormous centerpiece, which is extremely hard to ignore. One possible way to do this is to use an aquarium. Aquariums aren’t overly expensive and they’re capable of holding plenty of water, without leaking. With this type of container, it is possible to decorate the inside of the aquarium with a large assortment of different items. The bottom of the aquarium can be filled with sand, stylish rocks and especially gelballs. Once these have been placed carefully, you can use them to keep plants and other decorations upright.

It is also a good idea to consider using flowers, which are large enough to hang out of the top of the container. Although it isn’t necessarily and you will need to be extremely careful, you will want to consider adding a few fish to the container. If you’re going to do this, you will need to handle the fish carefully and make sure to use a single fish, or those that are capable of living together! Obviously, you don’t want to toss in two Beta fish, which will tear into one another, during the wedding. Instead, use friendly fish species, such as a few guppy or goldfish.

Use a Mirror

If you’re intent on using your gelballs, as a way to design and build a nice centerpiece, you will want to make sure to go all out and use a mirror! Obviously, you’ll need to be very careful, when transporting the mirror, unless you’re not superstitious. Once you’ve placed the mirror on the top of the table, you will be able to enhance the appearance of the other decorations. Decorate the space surrounding the mirror and you will be able to reflect the appearance and create an otherworldly experience. Your guests will be able to see your centerpiece, regardless of their position in the room!

Using Candles

You will have limitless decorating options, if you choose to incorporate the candle into your wedding centerpieces. An oval or moon shaped glass vase will be the perfect size for a candle centerpiece. Just fill half of the vase with gelballs and then set the candle in the center. You can also add three or four flower buds around the candle to give it a more unique appearance.

If you want to get really creative, you can fill a large moon shaped glass vase with turquoise water beads and place white flower blossoms in the center. Fill a smaller sized moon shaped vase with turquoise water beads, candle, and the flower buds, in the same manner, as mentioned above. Stack these on top of each other, so that you will have a two-tier centerpiece.

Floral Arrangement

If you have your mind set on a floral centerpiece, but want to achieve a unique aesthetic appealing creation, you should utilize the water beads. There is a specific technique that will surely stand out above the rest. By this point, you have most likely already selected a color scheme and theme, so why not incorporate this into the centerpiece?

By utilizing a single colored gelball and a floral arrangement of the same color, you can work your magic. This will give the entire centerpiece a unified look and feel. White water beads and white roses or daisies will definitely work perfectly. Fill the cylinder clear vase with the gelballs and top it off with your white roses. You can also use a pin spot light to create a focal point on the centerpiece, so that it will catch the eye of every guest.

If you truly want to impress your guests, toss some white, antique gold or pastel pearl beads into the vase, along with the gelballs. This will surely add a dash of sophistication to the overall wedding centerpiece and the reception area.

Replicate this large centerpiece and turn it into smaller arrangement with the same features. Set these in the center of your reception tables for everyone to enjoy.

Consider Using as Favors

During the process of your wedding, it is very easy to forget about your guests. Many couples get consumed with the planning process and forget all about the individuals that they’ve invited. Instead of doing this, it is vital to make sure that you take the time to put together some nice favors, which will help to show your appreciation to your guests. Many end up flattering in this area, by giving items, which will not be used or consumed. With this in mind, you will want to consider using gelballs, as your favors. Surprisingly, there are several different ways to do this.

First, you will want to think about purchasing a significant number of tiny gift bags. You can even personalize these bags to include the initials of the bride and groom, as well as the date of the wedding. Once you’ve gotten the bags, you will want to fill them with some nice little trinkets. Toss in some potential wedding souvenirs. Do not forget about adding these balls to the bag. Since these balls have so many uses, it is likely that your guests will take them home and use them for their own decorations. If they have children, their kids will have a blast with the balls.

On the other hand, you might want to consider putting together some nice vases. You don’t need to purchase anything extravagant! Instead, you can use small candleholders, or something similar. By decorating each of these with some water beads and floral arrangements, you’ll be able to create a nice little display, which will work excellently as favors for your guest. Your guests can easily carry these items home and use them to beautify their home!


Any couple, which is looking to put together a unique and stylish centerpiece, will certainly want to incorporate the use of gelballs. These items are can extremely advantageous, since they’re very versatile, durable and affordable. When used in the appropriate manner, it is possible to create some very cool, beautiful and unique decorations with these balls. Just make sure that you experiment, before your wedding, and you will be able to know exactly how they work! Allow your creativity to flow and the ideas will continue to emerge, until you discover one that suits your wedding’s theme and scheme perfectly.